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Make / Model
Body Type
Exterior Color
Highway MPG
City MPG
Mileage:98,703 mi
Vin: KM8K33A33NU771090
Price: $22,998
Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:3,767 mi
Vin: KNDJ23AU3N7837051
Price: $21,998
Exterior: SILVER
Interior: BLACK
Mileage:13,781 mi
Vin: 1C6RR6LG8NS203620
Price: $33,998
Exterior: BLACK
Interior: BLACK
Mileage:127,215 mi
Vin: 1C6RR6GT8MS508749
Price: $26,998
Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:61,664 mi
Vin: 5YFEPMAEXMP225508
Price: $20,998
Exterior: -
Interior: -

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Mileage:109,520 mi
Vin: 1GKS2FKD0MR235106
Price: $44,998
Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:85,477 mi
Vin: 1N4BL4CV4MN414072
Price: $20,998
Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:38,648 mi
Vin: 1C6SRFKM4MN683967
Price: $56,998
Exterior: BURGANDY
Interior: BROWN
Mileage:73,890 mi
Vin: 5XXG14J24MG060998
Price: $20,998
Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:58,963 mi
Vin: 1GCRYBEK1MZ366394
Price: $31,998
Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:151,075 mi
Vin: 3C6LRVPG9ME527316
Price: $39,998
Exterior: GRAY
Interior: -
Mileage:2,664 mi
Vin: KMHC65LC9MU246568
Price: $22,998
Exterior: WHITE
Interior: GREY
Mileage:80,253 mi
Vin: 1GNSKNKD0MR360135
Price: $48,998
Exterior: -
Interior: -

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Mileage:80,633 mi
Vin: 4T1G11AK2MU576247
Price: $23,998
Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:102,361 mi
Vin: 3GCPWAEH2MG254392
Price: $25,998
Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:104,983 mi
Vin: 1C6RR6FG1MS508127
Price: $20,998
Exterior: -
Interior: -
Mileage:73,973 mi
Vin: 1FA6P8CF6M5116967
Price: $36,998
Exterior: BLUE
Interior: BLACK
Mileage:36,627 mi
Vin: 3VV3B7AX4MM108962
Price: $29,998
Exterior: -
Interior: -


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Our extensive inventory features a diverse range of pre-owned cars, trucks, SUVs, and more, ensuring that you find the perfect vehicle that matches your lifestyle and needs. Each vehicle undergoes rigorous inspections and quality checks to ensure that it meets our stringent standards for reliability and performance. With Tampa Trucks, you can confidently drive off with a top-quality used car that fits your budget and fulfills your driving aspirations.

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To provide you with extra peace of mind, Tampa Trucks offers warranty options on select vehicles. These warranties cover various components of the car, ensuring that you are protected against unforeseen repair expenses. Feel confident and secure as you drive off the lot in your newly purchased vehicle with our comprehensive warranty coverage.

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We believe that exceptional customer service extends beyond the sales process. At Tampa Trucks, we offer reliable car care services to help you maintain your vehicle in top-notch condition. From routine maintenance to essential repairs, our skilled technicians ensure that your car runs smoothly for years to come.

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